David’s Bridal Ultimate Summer Sale -Wedding Season

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Calling all brides-to-be! You don’t want to miss David’s Bridal’s Summer Sensational Clearance sale… Whether you are looking for a great deal on the wedding dress of your dreams, shopping for an affordable second dress, or in the market for some reasonably priced bridesmaid, Mother of th…

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David’s Bridal Ultimate Summer Sale -Wedding Season

Theatre Review: ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ at Vagabond Players

The cast of 'Moon Over Buffalo' – Caroline C. Kiebach, Jim Baxter, Greg Guyton, Michele Guyton, Jessica Kim, Henry Reisinger, Jr., Carol Conley Evans, Richard Manichello. Photo by Tom Lauer.

The cast of ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ – Caroline C. Kiebach, Jim Baxter, Greg Guyton, Michele Guyton, Jessica Kim, Henry Reisinger, Jr., Carol Conley Evans, Richard Manichello. Photo by Tom Lauer.

If you are looking for some rollicking good fun at the theater and about theater, look no further than Vagabond Players’ Moon Over Buffalo – a perfect ending to the theater’s centennial season. Also of note is that this is John Desmone’s 100th production and he does a marvelous job of directing his actors in this high energy, madcap comedy.

For an evening full of fun and laughter, Vagabond’s ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ is just the ticket!

Written by Ken Ludwig (Lend Me a Tenor, Crazy for You), the play marked the return of Carol Burnett to Broadway in 1995 after a 30-year absence. She subsequently received one of the play’s two Tony nominations. It was described as a “love letter to live theater,” and indeed it is. Anyone who has ever performed in a play, whether in grade school or on Broadway, can relate to the comic backstage pitfalls and pratfalls that can occur when everything that can go wrong, does.

George and Charlotte Hay (the delightful real life married couple Greg and Michele Guyton) are fading stage actors on the road performing Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives in repertory. It is 1953 and they are currently in Buffalo, New York. It is also the dawn of the new medium of television. While George feels that theater is the only place to be a true actor, Charlotte has dreams of being a movie star. (Both made a stab at Hollywood and ended up in a few B films that bombed).

Wearing several hats in the company is Charlotte’s nearly deaf mother, Ethel (Carol Conley Evans in a gem of a performance). She makes no secret of her dislike of her son-in-law and is the cause for much of the hilarity and confusion.

Although all seems well in the Hays relationship, it is soon revealed that George has had a dalliance with the young ingénue of the company, Eileen (Jessica Kim) and she has some unwelcome news. The couple’s lawyer, Richard (a fantastic, completely effortless turn by Richard Manichello), declares his love for Charlotte.

Into the mix is a surprise visit from the Hays’ daughter, Rosalind (the lovely Caroline C. Keibach), who left the theater to lead a normal life. In tow is her slightly geeky TV weatherman fiancé, Howard (a very funny Henry Reisinger, Jr.) who also turns out to be a big fan of her parents. But they are never properly introduced, which causes more comic misunderstandings and mistaken identity. Also Rosalind’s former boyfriend, Paul (Jim Baxter) is the company manager and it is apparent that the spark is still there.

George receives a phone call that could change their fortunes. In need of replacements for his stars (Ronald Coleman who broke both legs and Greer Garson who walked out) in his upcoming film, The Twilight of the Scarlet Pimpernel, acclaimed film director Frank Capra will be attending the matinée. Charlotte thinks George is lying in an effort to make her stay and she leaves with Richard. Distraught, George goes on a bender of epic proportions and the comedy shifts into high gear as the company (including Charlotte who returns when she sees the story in Variety) tries to find and sober up its star to perform in the matinee – but is it Cyrano or Private Lives? To reveal too much would spoil all the fun! Greg Guyton is brilliant as the very drunk George.

The production team does a great job staging the play, from Maurice “Moe” Conn’s detailed, retro 1950s backstage set to the work of Bob Dover’s lighting design. Special note should be made of Robert W. Oppel, the fight choreographer, for his playful duel between the Hays. For an evening full of fun and laughter, Vagabond’s Moon Over Buffalo is just the ticket!

Advisory: Mild language and mild adult situations.

Running Time: Two hours including a 15-minute intermission.

Moon Over Buffalo runs through June 26, 2016 at the Vagabond Players, 806 South Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231. For tickets, call the box office at (410) 563-9135 or purchase online.

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Theatre Review: ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ at Vagabond Players

Lifestyle Segment for Kids Rooms – ABC 33/40

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If you’re in the Birmingham Metro Area tune into ABC 33/40 on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. We will be sharing parenting tips on Talk of Alabama for safe decorating in kids and baby rooms.  Can’t wait to discuss home decor and some really cute products!…

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Lifestyle Segment for Kids Rooms – ABC 33/40

Theatre Review: ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ at Spotlighters Theatre

Kay-Megan Washington. Photo by Chris Aldridge, CMAldridgePhotography

Kay-Megan Washington. Photo by Chris Aldridge, CMAldridgePhotography

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, currently playing at Spotlighters (directed by Erin Riley), is a play full of seduction, sex, and style. Two aristocrats use sex as a weapon to humiliate and plot revenge.

I found the plot difficult to understand. The majority of the story was between the Vicomte (Nathan Parry) and the Marquise (Melissa McGinley), ex-lovers who have a teasing, seductive relationship. The Vicomte is determined to seduce the virtuous Madame de Tourvel (Katherine Vary), who is staying with Valmont’s aunt (Ruta Douglas Smith). At the same time, the Marquise is determined to corrupt young Cecile de Volanges (Jacqueline Chenault), who recently left the convent, since she’s planning to marry the Marquise’s previous lover. However, Cecile falls in love with Chevalier Danceny (Jeffrey L. Springtree Gangwisch), and the Marquise and the Viscomte pretend to help the secret lovers in order to gain their trust and use them in their own schemes.

If the goal was to make us hate the Vicomte and the Marquise, the play succeeded.

The Marquise promises the Vicomte that if he seduces Madame de Tourvel and provides her with written proof, she’ll spend the night with him. The pursuit is more difficult than the Vicomte imagined, in part because Cecile’s mother, Madame de Volanges (Kay-Megan Washington), wrote to Madame de Tourvel to warn her of the Vicomte’s reputation. In response, the Vicomte seduces Cecile. Meanwhile, the Marquise is having a relationship with Chevalier Danceny.

The Vicomte (surprisingly) ends up falling in love with Madame de Tourvel, and the Marquise tricks him into deserting her (because it’s ‘beyond his control’). To retaliate, the Vicomte tells the Marquise that he prompted Danceny to reunite with Cecile, and the Marquise tells Danceny that the Vicomte seduced Cecile. It all ends in a fencing match between Danceny and the Vicomte. Definitely a complicated love triangle… or is it more of a pentagon?

The play opened with the Vicomte (Parry) and the Marquise (McGinley) in a seductive dance, akin to something in Dirty Dancing (complete with the Vicomte in his trademark red tank top). The well-choreographed dancing (Melissa McGinley) continued intermittently between scenes. At one point, all of the Vicomte’s lovers (the Marquise, La Presidente de Tourvel, Cecile de Volanges, and Emilie) dance around him, taunting him. In another scene, Cecile and Le Chevalier Danceny share a dance, which was more sweet and less seductive than the others. In yet another dance, Cecile fights the Vicomte as he tries to seduce her. One thing these dances had in common? A lot of black lingerie. And although it was a bit strange to have dancing between scenes, it was beautiful and broke up all the conversation.

If the goal was to make us hate the Vicomte and the Marquise, the play succeeded. Both characters were incredibly cruel and entirely full of themselves. The Vicomte (Parry) saw himself as the ultimate French lover, romancing every woman he met. The Marquise (McGinley) was a strong woman who knew what she wanted and always got her way. At times, their endless conversations got to be too much, especially since the Vicomte was always trying to touch or kiss the Marquise as they were talking. How could the Vicomte say he was in love with Madame de Tourvel when he was always trying to seduce someone else? The Vicomte and the Marquise seemed to plot and scheme with no motives and no feeling.

Speaking of Madame de Tourvel (Vary), she gave an awesome performance as the woman who fought against the Vicomte but at the end couldn’t resist him. Her conversations were more natural than some of the others, and I could feel her anguish when the Vicomte deserted her and her anger when he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Spotlighters has a unique small-ish square stage with seats on all four sides. Because of this, we never really knew the setting at any point in time, which made it more difficult to follow the action. In between each (and every) scene, Adele and Major Domo carried pieces of furniture (or a mattress and pillows) on and off the set. Sometimes, they simply moved the furniture from one corner to the other. I found this to be a bit annoying, particularly when the characters giggled as they did this.

To me, the play was an odd combination of old world France and modern day, and I wish there was more of a commitment one way or the other. Some actors had slight British accents while most spoke as if they were modern-day Americans with some ‘Madames’ and ‘Mademoiselles’ thrown in. The costumes (Amy Raw Weimer) were also a mixed bag with the Vicomte and Danceny wearing tank tops at certain parts and Adele and Major Domo dressed as if they came out of 18th century France.

What’s amazing is that this play is based on a novel written in 1782 considering the complex themes of adultery, seduction, and manipulation. And it’s amazing that the play involves two aristocrats who have such dark and evil minds, indifferent to the pain they may cause. With two main characters who incite such hatred and manipulate others with sex, it was tough for me to fully enjoy the experience.

Running Time: 3 hours with a 20 minute intermission.

Advisory: Adult themes, nudity.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses plays through June 19th, 2016 at Audrey Herman’s Spotlighter’s Theatre, 817 Saint Paul Street, in Baltimore MD. For tickets, call (410) 752-1225, or purchase them online.

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Theatre Review: ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ at Spotlighters Theatre

Weekly Highlights: Beyonce Formation Tour, Must Love Beards, Jazz Under Glass and More!

This week’s highlight list is a little shorter due to y’all recovering from the long weekend. But if you still have a little partying in you, we’ve got a few events that you should check out. Also we’re only a short month away to partying on  Martha’s Vineyard for our first #FreshInkMV day party with LiteWork Events! Click here for more details! Check back for updates!

PrinceThursday, June 2

Join  the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts for their 5th Annual Jobs Rebuild Boston: Community Conference and Career Fair from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center (1350 Tremont Street). Come prepared to meet over 40 employers in high demand industries who are seeking diverse and skilled talent. Come dressed professionally and with copies of your resumé. Register today here.

Ladies! You are invited to a women’s networking event that will help raise funds for Mother Caroline Academy’s Mentor Program. Join them from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Ester (2261 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester). Tickets are $25.00 and include one drink ticket. All proceeds will go towards Mentor Programming events like Girl Power. Get your tickets here.

Black families are invited to share their experiences at Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang at Bruce Boiling Building (2300 Washington st 6th floor, Roxbury) 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. This is a chance to learn what the district has planned and how it will impact Black students and families. Please come and make your voice heard! RSVP here to receive updates. This event is free.

Sincere Prince fans are invited to the #PURPLEBOSTON tribute at La Bella Luna (284 Armory St, Jamaica Plain). Wear your best Prince outfit as there will be a prize for the best outfit. There will be an open mic as well as live performances. You can purchase your $7.00 tickets in advanced here or at the door.

Beyonce in Boston 1Friday, June 3

The patio will be open for tonight’s ICA First Fridays (25 Harborshore Drive) 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. There will be an outdoor DJ, drinks, dancing and more! This month’s theme is Caribbean Dream. This event tends to sell out so get tickets in advance, so you’ll want to get your $15.00 tickets here. This event is 21+.

Beyonce’s Formation Tour comes to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Tickets start at $50.00 and can be purchased here.

Haley HouseSaturday, June 4

Help celebrate Haley House’s 50th anniversary at their 13th annual Summer Block Party & Fundraiser at their original South End location (23 Dartmouth St). There will be a silent auction items & raffle prizes, music, games and activities for kids, a wine tasting, food and more! All proceeds benefit programming for their community and everyone is welcome!

I Don’t Do Clubs Must Love Beards is BACK! The day party takes place at Monroe Patio & Restaurant – Formerly Naga (450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge) ! Guys you just get to show up – beard or no beard RSVP here. Ladies tickets start at $15.00 and are going fast! Get yours here.

Love Life NowSaturday, June 5

Love Life Now Foundation invites you to support domestic violence awareness at their 5th Annual Heel-a-Thon 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Westgate Mall (399 Westgate Drive Brockton) 20 Adults $10 Students & FREE – Kids under 12 (Heels are not required). Proceeds will benefit the New Hope Agency & Shelter. Sign up here.

We highly recommend that you come out to the 4th Annual Jazz Under Glass fundraiser at the Dudley Greenhouse (11 Brook Ave, Roxbury) 5:00 p.m – 7:30  p.m. featuring the Fred Woodard Quartet with guest vocalist and emcee Fulani Haynes and fashions by Fab Award Winner, The House of Nahdra. The ticket price of $25.00 includes dinner from neighborhood chefs, greenhouse tours, and activities for children. Purchase your tickets here.

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Weekly Highlights: Beyonce Formation Tour, Must Love Beards, Jazz Under Glass and More!

Opera Review: ‘Romeo et Juliette’ by Lyric Opera Baltimore at The Lyric

Jonathan Boyd as Romeo and Sarah Joy Miller as Juliet. Photo courtesy of the production.

Jonathan Boyd as Romeo and Sarah Joy Miller as Juliet. Photo courtesy of the production.

In an interview with MD Theatre Guide, soprano Sarah Joy Miller, who plays in the title role as Juliet, shares that “With everything going on in the world, the story of Romeo and Juliet reminds us of how powerful love can be.” Romeo et Juliette by French composer Charles Gounod, is also proof of how powerful music, particularly opera can be.

Gounod, is best known for his opera, Faust.  But did you know that the musical piece of Gounod’s that you have probably listened to the most is actually the Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria” which has become a staple at wedding masses, funerals and quinceañeras.

…proof of how powerful music, particularly opera can be.

Charles Gounod adapts William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette to make it his own by making the story more operatic. This is best illustrated by the change in the finale.  In the original story, Juliet drinks a potion that makes her appear dead. Thinking Juliet is dead, Romeo then drinks poison that actually kills him. Juliet awakens and stabs herself through the heart with a dagger after seeing that Romeo is dead.  Here, Gounod has Juliette awaken to see that Romeo has poisoned himself but is still alive, thereby allowing for one more tragic duet in the finale that has the pair of star-crossed lovers that die at the same time.

The timing of this production at The Lyric is quite fitting since it corresponds with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  This season-closer for Lyric Opera Baltimore is actually the final stop of Romeo et Juliette, which is a co-production of Virginia Opera, Opera Carolina, Toledo Opera, Opera Grand Rapids, and Lyric Opera Baltimore.

Local to this production include the enthusiastic members of the chorus, as well as the lush sounds of the Concert Artists of Baltimore Orchestra.  The orchestra is conducted by Adam Turner, the Virginia Opera’s Principal Conductor & Artistic Advisor.

Directed by Shakespearean specialist Bernard Uzan, balances the grand theatrics of an opera with a more natural, realistic setting and atmosphere.  The staging of the leads are appropriate and interesting, while the staging of the chorus members are just thrown together in clumps and not given much action.

As with most French operas, there is usually a scene that involves ballet.  In this production, the ballet portion was cut for reasons I can imagine being money, as well as making the opera a little bit shorter in length.

Sarah Joy Miller, whose singing voice is as strong as her character, tells the MD Theatre Guide on playing Juliette that “It means a great deal to me to sing this role. It’s an honor to sing this beautiful music, to be given the chance to bring my own voice to what Gounod wrote so beautifully. There’s something sacred about performing the music of a composer that is no longer living. You cannot ask them what they would like here or there, you must read carefully over and over what is in the text and the music and hope to see clearly their intention while also bringing your self to the character. It’s somewhat of a balancing act but also one of the most satisfying parts of singing opera. Juliet is an extremely satisfying character to play. She has quite a journey from young, innocent girl, to one who loves another so much she is willing to take enormous chances and ultimately sacrifice her life. Her courage is inspiring and I love getting to live her on the stage.”

The role of Juliette is complemented by charismatic American tenor Jonathan Boyd as Roméo.  Boyd is able to play with each of the notes, adding life and vigor, while showing his vocal range as it goes from low to high in a seemingly effortless manner. Together, Boyd and Miller turn up the heat on the stage, causing members of the audience to hold up their opera glasses to get a close up of these young lovers.

Other stand-out roles include versatile Mexican-American baritone Luis Alejandro Orozco as Mercutio and dynamic bass Kevin Langan as the kindly Father Laurent.

Romeo et Juliette is a fine season-closer for Lyric Opera Baltimore.  Next season is sure to be just as wonderful and exciting for opera lovers.

Running Time: Approx.  two hours and forty five minutes, with one 15-minute intermission. Sung in French with English Surtitles.

For information about future productions at Lyric Opera, click here.

See original article at: http://mdtheatreguide.com/2016/05/opera-review-romeo-et-juliette-by-lyric-opera-baltimore-at-the-lyric/
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Opera Review: ‘Romeo et Juliette’ by Lyric Opera Baltimore at The Lyric

Kinsale Presents a New Spring Menu

As Boston is a foodie city, it’s great to see when oldie, but goodie restaurants switch things up. Kinsale (2 Center Place, Government Center)and the sister restaurant Asgard are known for being staple Irish pubs to grab elevated bar food in a comfortable environment. Kinsale brought out bloggers from Blog and Tweet what’s new at Kinsale. First, they’ll getting a bit of a face lift and will soon have a retractable patio which will bring in much more light to the dark wood establishment. It also allow for a front row view to the new Government Center station, making it super accessible. You can also get free all day parking in their lot when you spend $20.00 or more. Kinsale is also great for trivia (Wednesdays) and is one of the few places in the city where you still do Karaoke (Thursdays).

As far as the menu, their truffle oil Truffle Tots are kinda legendary – don’t worry they are still on the menu! – but they’ve added some new and brought in some Irish classics.

We started out our meal with Chef Jamie Mohn choice of  Brown Bread – this is actually more of a Boston / American classic rather than an Irish one. The rye based bread is steamed until it is soft and moist. Ours was soaked in maple syrup and was served warm. Yummmm.

Brown Bread
Brown Bread
Chef Jamie
Chef Jamie Mohn

The starter was followed up by our first course of either the Encrusted Goat Cheese Salad (caramelized pears, candied nuts, pear chips and balsamic vinaigrette) or the Irish Ale Onion Soup with Brown Bread and Swiss Cheese. I chose the salad – the encrusted goat cheese nugget added a creamy crunch to the fresh greens. I thought there was a little too much salad dressing (I usually feel that way), but it was a quality salad with fresh ingredients that complimented each other well. It wasn’t too sweet with a good balance of salt, savory and sweet.

There were also good reviews on the soup as the brown bread was already a hit with the table, adding it right into the soup gave a pleasing added flavor and texture.

Kinsale Irish Ale Onion Soup
Kinsale Irish Ale Onion Soup

The most of the new items have been added to their brunch, so I tried their new Blueberry Marscapone Pancakes (three blueberry pancakes, sweet marscapone cheese, maple syrup). The pancake was very light and fluffy and chalk full of blueberries. The mascapone was a sweet alternative to butter and only a light drizzling was needed to hold it all together. My only “complaint” was that the serving was large that I couldn’t finish it! If you order it, I suggest sharing it with a friend…or two.

Blueberry Marscapone Pancakes
Blueberry Marscapone Pancakes

Another item to note formy veggie friends is their a house made Vegetable Burger that you can customize. This blogger decided to add brie and sauteed mushrooms to hers, but it comes with balsamic tomato chutney, arugula, goat cheese on a multi-grain ciabatta. She also swapped out the regular fries for the Truffle Tots (tater tots, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, sea salt, cracked black pepper) I mentioned earlier – which I believe everyone should do -sharing is optional. I’ve had their vegetable burger before, and it is super hearty and very fresh.

Build-Your-Own Vegetable Burger
Build-Your-Own Vegetable Burger

Bloggers also ordered the Cinnamon French Toast (vanilla and egg battered cinnamon swirled toast, raspberry sauce, powdered sugar and warm apple compote) – I’ll just leave this right here:

Cinnamon French Toast
Cinnamon French Toast

Bloggers also ordered the Eggs Benedict (two poached eggs, toasted English muffin, black rashers, hollandaise sauce and home fries) which although it gets a 4 for presentation, was well received for its mixture of classic flavors.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

After all the great food, it was time for dessert. We had the choices of Mud Pie, Black Cabernet Cheesecake and Flourless Chocolate Torte. I chose the Mud Pie, but to be honest, it was gross! It tasted like it was pre-made frozen and delivered from a nearby Stop n’ Shop! I would highly recommend they bring in one of the fabulous bakery chefs from the area and give them a spot on the menu or serve very simple items like ice cream. Or since their brown bread is so good, how about a bread pudding? I was disappointed about dessert, but that didn’t put a damper on the rest of the meal.

Kinsale is a great spot to have a comfort food meal or a few rounds of great apps and beer. Check out their new brunch items, but skip dessert and just order more Truffle Tots!

Blog and Tweet Boston
Blog and Tweet Boston

Thanks so much Jonathan, Kerrie, Bloggers and Tweet Boston and Boston Bloggers!

Disclaimer: This meal was provided to me free of charge. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Kinsale Presents a New Spring Menu