Best Children’s Books for girls: ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President of the White House?’

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Since Hillary conceded to Donald Trump during the 2016 election, little girls in the United States have this question: ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President of the White House? ‘ Now this question is a topical children’s book must read for little girls with big dreams. Vibrantly written by S.A. Gallot, ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President of the White House?’ is a gift to every child bewildered by the 2016 Presidential election results, and a love letter to every girl who dares to dream of shattering the highest of glass ceilings.


Against all odds and polls, Donald Trump won the electoral college vote over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and across the world, reactions varied from anger, to sadness, and even jubilation. For the majority of parents however, the question on their minds was: “What will I tell my children?” With the release of ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President of the White House?’ by S.A. Gallot, caregivers, teachers, Moms and Dads now have a loving, entertaining and kid-friendly answer. Through the eyes of AmyLou, the book examines gender inequality, potential, and the delicate process of raising girls into strong, educated and empowered women.

“While Hillary Clinton was not elected President, I still think her message holds true,” says Gallot. “Even exhausted and battered from such a tremendously difficult night – she managed to convey to young women that they matter, and that they must not give up. What a gift that was. It’s that same sentiment that I explore throughout the book.” 

The election didn’t give the country its first female President, but the message of hope and strength should be the message every mom with a little girl should be sharing with her. Don’t stop believing. Join the movement and read this book with your beloved little girl because Yes, Girls can still be President.

A raising daughters book begins with a question. During a bonding moment in the kitchen, while baking a cake and other goodies with her mom, inquisitive AmyLou asks the question if girls can be President. Like any doting mother raising girls, she says “yes” to encourage her beloved that girls and women — like men — can be anything and do anything in the world if they set their minds to it. And it all begins with a dream. Encouraged by her mom’s reply, AmyLou starts to dream of what she will do when she becomes the leader of the Free World — putting an end to gender inequality in America. It’s an early reading book for girls growing up.

“What’s fascinating to me about child development is that ideas can be planted so early,” says Gallot. “We should be encouraging and mentoring our girls and boys with positive and empowering images and text from the get-go. This isn’t just a book for girls – boys will absolutely benefit from learning about sexism and inequality so they can go on to become allies and friends to the women in their lives.” For Gallot, this book is deeply personal and a true labor of love.

“I joined the vast majority of Americans the day after election in weeping for our country. How a bully could win over a qualified women is something I think we’ll be debating for years to come. However, I want to turn those emotions into action. We need a movement for equality – and it starts with our children. It starts with education. It starts with teaching our girls that they have every right to dream the biggest dreams their souls can imagine.” ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President of the White House’ is available now:

Mommy, Can Girls Be President Of The White House?
Mommy, can girls be President of the White House? Hint: Despite gender inequality in America, the answer is a big YES!

About the Author S.A. Gallot:

Author S.A.Gallot believes that life is best experienced from the mind of a child. ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President Of The White House?’ is her debut Children’s Book for girls growing up. Gallot second book is in draft. When not envisioning new and memorable characters for future books about mothers raising girls, she spends time changing the world.Her mantra: Don’t forget the butterflies. Pascale LaFond is a France-based illustrator who has “more than 15 years experience in the Children Books industry.”


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Best Children’s Books for girls: ‘Mommy, Can Girls Be President of the White House?’

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