Do men like when women make the first move?

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It’s a question contemplated time and time again: should women make the first move when it comes to dating and relationships? Do men wait for women to make the first move? The dating site polled 891 single men to find out what men think about first moves from women. Here is what men really think:

Should women make the first move for dating?

The poll results are shocking to Fromgirltogirl. Often growing up women learn from fathers and other male figures to wait for a guy to make the first move and instead invite/ welcome him to get to know you better. Have the rules changed? Or have they always been this way? We would love to hear from women who have made the first move and entered a long-term relationship or better yet a marriage that started with you as the woman making the first move. Rarely have we’ve seen relationships that started with the woman pursuing the man successfully go for the long haul. We feel that a man who truly wants a woman will find the encourage not only to pursue her but also show her he is a man worthy of her time and effort in a health relationship. Curious  how many women feel being less mysterious to draw a man in really is a great strategy for finding true love. Can you find true love on Will the guy you’ve eyed in the coffee shop say yes to date night if you make the first move? Only time will tell. Like Fromgirltogirl on Facebook and let us know your thoughts on the topic.


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Do men like when women make the first move?

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