Is juicing better than smoothies?

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By: Rebekah Carter
Juicing health benefits

Most people know that eating plenty of fresh, raw, and organic fruit and vegetables is the perfect way to enhance their health and increase the likelihood of living a longer, happier life. The more fresh produce you get into your system, the more open your diet will be to a host of vitamins and minerals made to improve daily health and digestion. Some people even believe that certain items of fresh produce can help guard the body from chronic diseases such as diabetes, and cut the risk of suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, the busy lifestyles that most of us lead means that we do not have time to spend hours a day searching for new recipes that will help us get the right amount greens into our diet. Juicing is one of the most convenient ways to get the nutritional boost your body needs. But what makes juicing more beneficial than drinking smoothies? Read  some answers below.

The Problems with Smoothies


If you make a smoothie using a lot of produce and no added extras (like greek yogurt), the likelihood you are going to consume a large amount of fruit and vegetables is high. Remember when you put item in the blender to make your smoothie , you are using the entire fruit or vegetable – not just the liquid content. Although getting large doses of fresh produce into your diet might seem like a good decision on the surface, it also means that you are consuming more calories than you might be able to burn, which not only prevents the weight loss that can come with juicing, but could lead to weight gain. If you compare that to the process of creating juice, which you see below, you will quickly discover that juicing only uses the liquid content of the fruit or vegetable, leaving much of the calories behind.

If you do not have a produce-only smoothie and choose to pack your drink full of other substances like ice cream, flavored yogurt, sweetened milk and honey, then you could definitely add to your intake of daily sugar. This drastically increases the calorie count involved with each of your beverages.

Why is juicing better than smoothies?

The best reason to consider juicing is that you will be able to increase your intake of fresh produce. Most fruits and vegetables will supply the body with a wealth of minerals and vitamins that help to battle against oxidative stress and boost your body immunity. Many Americans do not get the right amount of fruit and vegetables into their system; juicing is a quick and effective way to get the extra nutrition the body needs.

Juicing also gives the body a unique opportunity to experiment with vegetables and fruits that it would not normally digest or enjoy in standard recipes. That means that you can get healthy doses of things like beets and kale, which are brimming with vitamin B and vitamin K. Just look at some of the recipes that are included here:

An easier way to eat your greens

Why Juicing is as easy s 1,2,3?

Although plenty of people love eating their fruits and vegetables, there are some out there who simply do not like the taste or texture of items of fresh produce. While there is nothing wrong with having a preference on the food that you would like to eat, missing out on certain items of fruit and vegetables could mean that you do not get access to essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be accessed in the same amounts elsewhere.

If you are a busy person who does not have much time to sit down and craft new recipes for your fruit and vegetable intake or you struggle to consume fruits and vegetables (you do not like the taste),  juicing is an excellent way to fill in the nutrition gap. You get everything you need without textures that might put you off. Additionally, it takes much less time to sit and drink a glass of juice than it does to put together and drink a smoothie. This means that you can get all the minerals and vitamins that you need for a single day in one glass in the morning.


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Is juicing better than smoothies?

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