Rimanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar is proud of customers giving up for Lent

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Best places to eat for Lent

Whether giving up meat  or giving up Lent,Primanti Bros. and Bar is offering a seasonal special for customers. What is it? To honor the start of the Lenten season with the launch of three new sandwiches  – for the pious or the gluttonous – and is proud of its fans for “Giving Up” this season. The new sandwiches will be around until Easter and will be served everyday.

For those observing the season, Primanti Bros. is introducing The Redemption Sandwich – a ten-inch hoagie with spicy shrimp, crispy fish, pepper jack cheese and Cajun tartar and The Offering Sandwich – a 9oz crispy fish filet served with fries, slaw and tomato. For the heathens among us – the restaurant brings The Last Temptation – a meaty mashup of corned-beef, pastrami, Swiss cheese and spicy beer mustard – all topped with sweet-and-sour slaw, tomato and French fries.

“This season – it’s all about giving up – and that sacrifice has never tasted better,” said Toni Haggerty, a long-time icon and manager at Primanti Bros. original place in Pittsburgh. “In fact, we’re encouraging our fans to just, well, give up already.”

For those unfamilar, Lent always marks an uptick in fish sales – but for those not looking for seafood, Primanti Bros. wanted to be sure to have something new.

“Listen, we’ve never been squeaky clean,” said Haggerty. “We’ve all got a bit of a mischievous side – and this year, we’ve got The Last Temptation Sandwich if fish just isn’t your thing and you’re looking to give in…”

For the latest info on Primanti Bros. Lent specials, check out the restaurant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

About Primanti Brothers

In 1933, Joe Primanti opened a lunch cart in Pittsburgh’s Strip District selling sandwiches to the hungry truckers who were coming and going at all times of the night. Encouraged by sales and positive feedback, Joe expanded to a small storefront where he was joined by his brothers Dick and Stanley and their nephew John DePriter. And that’s how the very first Primanti Bros. place was born – Primanti Bros. now has 39 locations, all dedicated to that early notion that folks deserve great food, with no pretense, for a good price.



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Rimanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar is proud of customers giving up for Lent

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