Women’s March: ‘Right2Speak’ says don’t stay home – go make a difference

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Are you ready to show up for feminism?
#WeShowUp … are you ready to show up for feminism?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8, women across America will take part in the Women’s March Movement. However, while all the attention is being directed to this movement, there is a story that is not being told. The story is that these women do not represent the entire nation of women’s sentiment across America, in fact, they even seem to be in the minority. It is the story of the women of this nation who have been cast-aside in the clamor and rhetoric of the far-left.That is why a Right2Speak was born and there’s a movement.

The Right2Speak movement is comprised of women that are a counter-balance to the extremist voices attempting to represent women in the media. According to the Right2Speak organization, they stand for more than protests, the mob-think and the  stifling of free speech. They are voices of reason, integrity and liberty and love. Their three primary goals are:

  • To serve as a counterbalance to the far-left Women’s March & National “Day Without a Woman” strike (since they do not represent all women)
  • Infuse civility to counteract angry, extreme liberal female voices  on matters of policy and personal freedoms
  • Call for a return to uncensored free speech and an atmosphere where women can debate their differences without fear or threat

On March 8th, some are calling women to stay home.  To sit down. To not show up.  Some are saying that a Day Without a Woman will show the nation how important women are by sitting on the sidelines.  While these women are staying home, a group of women are standing up to make a difference.

The Right2Speak women will hold power lunch in key cities and share social media pics of how they are not taking the day off, but instead making a difference by saying that they ‘show up’. These women, will not just march but they will pick up a pen, pick up a community park, pick up a friend who is down. They will carry the load–even if just for an hour– for someone who is struggling at the end of their rope.  There are real issues that need to be addressed in this nation.  The Right2Speak is more than just slogans at a protest.  They know that to make a difference they must show up, be present, and give it their all at home, businesses and communities… not take the day off.



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Women’s March: ‘Right2Speak’ says don’t stay home – go make a difference

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