Upcoming schedule

Crunch time – 3 weeks until curtain!  ALL CALL for all remaining practices, please bring all props and stage pieces.

Remember that load-in day is the 11th and we need help from parents, siblings, great-great-grand nieces and uncles fourth-removed to help build Whoville near the river Waloo all afternoon.  After all, a persons a person no matter how small and we need help one and all.  Bring gloves, power and hand tools, and pray for no rain (this is rain or shine) since lots of equipment must be hauled up from the basement, outside.  More details on this to come later.

Upcoming rehearsals will have full run-throughs with props and costumes as available.  You must be OFF BOOK.  Once the stage is up on the 11th we will be in Tech Week and then Dress Rehearsals.  Rehearsals will be more frequent and longer than in the last few months.  This includes some all-day rehearsals during the last week, as shown on the schedule we handed out at auditions.  The first longer rehearsal is on the 4th.

Sign up for the cast meal which will be held after the performance on Saturday night the 24th, if you haven’t already.

Finally, after the performance on the 25th it is all hands on deck again for tear-down.  All good things must come to an end and everything that goes up must come down.  We’ll have a potluck cast meal afterwards.

>br> See original article: http://ytnbc.org/?p=993
from https://kevintumbles.tumblr.com/post/161239344390

Upcoming schedule

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