Another Update

Greetings Citizens of Who! There is a lot going on, with only 3 weeks until curtain, we it is all hands on deck for every rehearsal from here on out!

Sunday June 11th is cast mass. All cast members need to be at the church at 9:30 to prepare with Mr. Andrew. All parents helping with build day can report to the hall for coffee and doughnuts. If you have power tools please bring them as well to help with the build. The earlier we bring the earlier we will finish.

After Mass we will provide lunch for actors and parents that are assisting with the build. The cast will then rehearse down stairs at 12:30. Please remember that each family must be represented in build day. There will be a sign in sheet .

A revised rehearsal schedule has been posted for June. SEVERAL CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE! Please remember that every actor MUST attend each rehearsal from here on out.

Volunteers are still needed to assist with props and costumes, all help is greatly appreciated.

Last but not least we need donations of canned goods. Many food kitchens are in need during the summer time because children are not receiving lunch at school. I also need a parent volunteer to agree to transport the food to the Hereford and Pine Grove Food Bank after the close of the show. Please let me know if you are able to do this. Thank you!!!

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Another Update

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