Who? You!

Hello Whoville!  A reminder that load-in is Sunday and you can show up as early as 9:30 to begin.  We’ll have carbs and caffeine to help.  If you have church, no problem, we’ll see you afterwards.  Please bring water, gloves and tools.

As Tech and Dress rehearsals begin next week, please understand that practices may run over a bit to finish a scene or act.  We all want it to be the best it can be and curtain is just 2 weeks away.  All practices will be in the Hall after the 11th.

Things get crazy at this point of the production, so if you see help is needed somewhere, please feel free to step in if you can or bring it to our attention.  This is almost entirely a volunteer organization so we appreciate all help and input.

Don’t forget to bring canned goods!

>br> See original article: http://ytnbc.org/?p=1015
from https://kevintumbles.tumblr.com/post/161566391420

Who? You!

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